Episode 13

EMx 013: Elixir Panel with Steve Bussey


August 7th, 2018

52 mins 28 secs

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Special Guest

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  • Mark Erikson
  • Eric Berry
  • Josh Adams

Special Guests: Steve Bussey

In this episode of Elixir Mix, the panel talks to Steve Bussey about Elixir Panel. Steve is a software architect at SalesLoft, which is a company that does sales enablement software to help teams grow and become sales organizations. They talk about how his company was introduced to Elixir, why Rubyists are leaving for Elixir, and sharing sessions. They also touch on how developers have reacted to new changes within the company, the biggest hurdles people face when getting into Elixir, and more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Steve intro
  • Software architect at SalesLoft
  • Started off with Ruby and now work heavily with Elixir
  • What size is the engineer team at SalesLoft?
  • How did Elixir get introduced to your company?
  • Having a single advocate for a language promoting it in the company
  • The idea of being a “champion”
  • Shaping how other learn and consume
  • What do you think the reason is for Ruby developers leaving for Elixir?
  • Promises that Elixir provides
  • Erlang
  • A different paradigm
  • JavaScript and React
  • Sharing sessions
  • Serving your users properly
  • Their Rails application
  • Microservices
  • How have the developers reacted to these changes coming in?
  • Slow process
  • Professional development initiative
  • Everyone that’s put in the time haven’t’ said anything bad about Elixir
  • What was the biggest hurdle for people getting into Elixir?
  • The importance of asking questions
  • The XY problem
  • And much, much more!