Episode 15

EMx 015: Elixir with David Magalhães


August 21st, 2018

50 mins 11 secs

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Special Guest

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Mark Erikson
  • Eric Berry

Special Guests: David Magalhães

In this episode of Elixir Mix, the panel talks to David Magalhães about his experience with Elixir. David is a Java and PHP developer and learning Elixir was very easy and straightforward for him to pick up. They talk about how his Java background has affected how he learned Elixir, the first thing he noticed when he moved over to Elixir, and his article Phoenix with image upload to S3 in an API: Implementation and testing. They also touch on testing in Java, the Fakes3 gem, and more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • David’s history
  • What brought him to Elixir
  • Elixir is very straightforward
  • Pattern matching
  • Erlang
  • Java background
  • What has your experience been like coming from Java to Elixir?
  • First thing he noticed when moving
  • Had to change the way he did software
  • Worked with Prolog in University
  • Idea of accessors
  • Working as an Elixir professional
  • Phoenix with image upload to S3 in an API: Implementation and testing – blog post
  • Using S3
  • His approach for how people should start with S3
  • Focus for his article
  • Being able to create tests in Java
  • Testing features
  • Integration tests
  • TDD
  • Arc Library
  • Fakes3 gem
  • How do you handle the Fakes3 gem locally?
  • And much, much more!