Episode 4

EMx 004: Blockchain in Elixir with Kamil Lelonek


May 22nd, 2018

45 mins 1 sec

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Special Guest

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  • Mark Erikson
  • Eric Berry
  • Justin Bean

Special Guests: Kamil Lelonek

In this episode of Elixir Mix, the panel talks to Kamil Lelonek about Blockchain in Elixir. Kamil is a software engineer from Poland who does full stack development with Elixir and JavaScript. He is also an educated dietician and is interested in topics such as biohacking, Bitcoin, and Blockchain. They talk about how he got into Elixir, how he decided to start implementing Blockchain in Elixir, and Bitcoin.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Kamil intro
  • Elixir and JavaScript
  • How did you come to Elixir?
  • Between Clojure and Elixir originally
  • Some experience with functional programming
  • Experience with Java, Ruby, and Scala
  • Wanted to use a functional language
  • Full-time Elixir developer now
  • How hard was it to transition to Elixir?
  • Syntax of Elixir is similar to Ruby
  • How long did it take you to go from an operational mindset to a functional mindset?
  • Coding in a non-idiomatic way
  • How did you get into Bitcoin and Blockchain with Elixir?
  • Start everything from scratch
  • Document journey through blog posts
  • Haven’t had any problems so far with implementation
  • Why Elixir is a good technology to implement Blockchain with
  • Started off simple
  • Leverage OTP in future
  • Leveraging wit pattern matching and binary matching
  • Blog posts to come
  • Mastering Bitcoin
  • Bitstring parsing
  • And much, much more!