Episode 44

EMx 044: Dangers of GenServers in Elixir with Mika Kalathil


March 26th, 2019

42 mins 48 secs

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Special Guest

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Josh Adams
  • Mark Ericksen

Joined by Special Guest: Mika Kalathil


Mika Kalathil introduces genservers and how they are misused. The panel plays with an analogy that explains how people think genservers work versus how genservers actually work. Mika Kalathil shares some ways to avoid the common mistakes with genservers. Tasks are introduced and explained by Mika Kalathil; the panel adds their input on the usefulness and the importance of tasks. Mika Kalathil shares his background and his transition to elixir from javascript. The panel asks Mika Kalathil questions about the libraries he uses, the types of projects that he works on and what improvements he would like to see in elixir. The episode ends with a discussion about the wonderful elixir community.



Mark Ericksen

Josh Adams

Charles Max Wood

Mika Kalathil