Episode 55

EMx 055: Params Modules for Phoenix with Kuba Subczynski


June 11th, 2019

56 mins 45 secs

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  • Mark Ericksen
  • Michael Ries

Joined by Special Guest: Kuba Subczynski


Kuba Subczynski starts by introducing params modules and the story behind the pattern. The panel discusses their heuristics for deciding when to bring on a dependency and when to build something yourself. Kuba defines an embedded schema and walks through the login controller use case for the params modules. The panel discusses the highlights from the article and the benefits of using params modules. Kuba warns that this pattern isn’t for everything and discusses with the panel when to use params modules. Kuba discusses his team and what it was like adopting Phoenix and Elixir.



Mark Ericksen:

Michael Ries:

Kuba Subcynski: