Episode 7

EMx 007: Deployments, Distillery, and Open Source with Paul Schoenfelde


June 12th, 2018

1 hr 21 mins 34 secs

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Eric Berry
  • Mark Erikson
  • Josh Adams

Special Guests: Paul Schoenfelde

In this episode of Elixir Mix, the panel talks to Paul Schoenfelde about deployments, distillery, and open source. Paul is an architectural engineer at Dockyard and was previously a .net developer for about 10 years. Since coming to Elixir, he has been dedicating most of his open source time and free time to the language and projects associated with it. They talk about how he got to where he is today, Distillery, core release tooling, configuration, and much more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Paul intro
  • Hot upgrades
  • Interested in the idea of upgrading a whole system
  • Timex
  • Elixir Deployment Tools Update- Blog post by Paul
  • Where are we at on the deployment story for Dockyard?
  • Works primarily on Distillery
  • Run-time configuration
  • Making Mix.Config work with releases
  • Trying to figure out the right way to deal with configurations
  • How do we get to the end state we want to be at?
  • Mix.Config support in Distillery
  • Elixir Mix
  • Pluggable providers
  • Libraries need to expose something
  • The need to sort through the options as a core team
  • Core tooling built into Elixir coming soon
  • Watchers
  • Configuration may change, but the application and library used have to be built in a particular way
  • Application callback module
  • Config Change
  • And much, much more!







  • Spending time away from the computer