Episode 8

EMx 008: Nerves! with Frank Hunleth and Justin Schneck


June 18th, 2018

46 mins 42 secs

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  • Eric Berry
  • Mark Erikson
  • Josh Adams

Special Guests: Frank Hunleth and Justin Schneck

In this episode of Elixir Mix, the panel talks to Frank Hunleth and Justin Schneck about Nerves! Frank is a software developer who, in his day job, focuses on C and C++ and now works for Smartrent using Nerves. Justin is currently working for Le Tote where he applies Nerves to the production there. They talk about what Nerves is, the two worlds you work within Nerves, the disadvantages to using Nerves, and more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Frank and Justin intro
  • Looking into ideas on how to use Nerves in their own homes
  • What is Nerves?
  • Collection of tools and frameworks that help you build embedded devices
  • Bridge from Elixir world to the physical world
  • Access to the rest of the Elixir ecosystem
  • FarmBot
  • Nerves in farming
  • Testament to the Nerves documentation
  • Understanding where Erlang came from
  • Can use a small size firmware
  • Raspberry pi
  • Two worlds to work in within Nerves
  • Goal is to keep you in the Elixir world
  • Where does Elixir fit in within the world of device programming?
  • Are people starting to be drawn to Nerves?
  • Nerves fits in with devices that are smarter
  • Targeting the embedded Linux space
  • Negatives to Nerves
  • Python
  • And much, much more!