Episode 82

EMx 081: Discussing Deployment


December 10th, 2019

51 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel has a conversation about a few things they have been thinking about. First, they shout out to anyone who would love to chat about config change callbacks. Then they dive into deployment discussing the updates that have happened this year. They share their experiences with the changes and compare the Elixir release to Distillery. 

There are many options for deployment and they discuss some of the ones they have used. They consider services and do it yourself options. The panel shares lessons learned through their deployment experiences and give pro-tips for beginners and those new to Elixir. 

The next topic they discuss is hot code reload. Michael shares his fascination with this practice and explains what it is. The panel discusses the possibilities and use-cases for hot code reload. Hot code upgrade is also discussed. 


  • Mark Ericksen

  • Michael Ries

  • Eric Oestrich


  • Sentry– use the code “devchat” for two months free on Sentry’s small plan

  • CacheFly



Mark Ericksen:

Michael Ries:

Eric Oestrich: