Episode 85

EMx 084: Beyond LiveView with Sophie DeBenedetto


December 31st, 2019

49 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel interviews Sophie DeBenedetto. Sophie spoke at both The Big Elixir and ElixirConf 2019 about LiveView. She also works at Flatiron School. Sophie starts by sharing a little about Flatiron School, what they offer and what she does for them. The panel shares their experience with the quality of graduates from Flatiron School. Sophie explains that Flatiron School is all about community and they teach their students to love learning. 

Sophie discusses her talks and shares the experiences she had with LiveView that inspired her talks. She tells the panel what it was like preparing for the talks. She explains the problems she faced with her LiveView project and how she eventually fixed it. 

In one talk Sophie talks about looking under the hood at LiveView. She tells the panel about this experience, this leads the panel to discuss the LiveView documentation. They consider the helpfulness of the phrase “it’s a process” in the documentation. Sophie explains how she prefers documentation to be more clear and more expansive. The panel considers the importance of expounding in the documentation as most Elixir users are new to the language. The panel discusses when the best time to learn OTP is for a developer new to Elixir. 

The panel discusses Sophie’s blog post about her work in LiveView. They discuss some of their work in LiveView as well. The panel goes over some of the features they have tried in their projects and the ones they look forward to trying. Sophie ends the episode by comparing LiveView to her previous coding experiences, she describes it as a breath of fresh air. 


  • Mark Ericksen

  • Josh Adams

  • Michael Ries


  • Sophie DeBenedetto


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  • CacheFly



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