Sascha Wolf

Co-Host of Elixir Mix

Sascha is a 30-year-old Software Developer from Cologne, Germany.

During his career he dabbled with a lot of things, over “classic” Java development, to mobile and responsive web apps, over to building large scalable and resilient backend systems. He prefers his programming languages functional and is deeply in love with the teachings of domain-driven design.

Nowadays he applies his skills at 7Mind, where he builds the backend software which helps millions of people to find mindfulness in their lives. Communication, compassion, and knowledge-sharing are all important topics for him, and he likes to think about how we can use them to build a better and more productive place to work.

In his free-time he is a loving husband, father and avid roleplayer. He reads a lot, loves a good science fiction movie and likes to engage in thought-provoking conversations from game design to system architecture or the meaning of life.

Sascha Wolf has hosted seven Episodes.