Adi Iyengar

Co-Host of Elixir Mix

Adi Iyengar is a Senior Software Engineer/Architect who is passionate about Test Driven Development and functional programming. He was extremely lucky to start off as an Elixir developer and has been using Elixir in production since 2015. Over those years, he has worked across a wide array of applications, and authored / contributed to several open source libraries. He enjoys finding ways of making software more deterministic and easy to work on.

Adi is also currently working on a book for Packt which walks the readers through building a web framework in Elixir. He also spends his time organizing Boston Elixir meetups, mentoring people new to Software development, and selling Elixir to them.

In his free time, he can be seen playing Billiards, Ping Pong or Breakdancing. He is also very passionate about Theoretical Physics and spends a good amount of his time keeping up with advancements in that field.

Adi Iyengar has hosted three Episodes.